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Learning Computer Forensics

Info sur la Formation

Éditeur : Linkedin Learning (Lynda)
Date du rip : juin 2019
Genre : Administration systèmes et réseaux
Langue : Anglais
Sous-Titre : Anglais
Niveau : Débutant
Durée : 2h49

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Source : WebDL 
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Description de la Formation
Computer forensics is used to find legal evidence in computers, mobile devices, or data storage units. Although this course won't teach you everything you need to know to become a digital forensics detective, it does cover all the essentials of this growing (and exciting) technical field. Jungwoo Ryoo reviews the basics: the goals of computer forensics, the types of investigations it's used for, and the different specializations within the field. Then, he shows how to prepare for an investigation; acquire data; make sure data is kept in its original state with software and hardware write blockers; analyze the data; and generate a report. He uses a combination of open-source and commercial software, so you'll be able to uncover the information you need with tools that are in your budget.
Topics include:

    Goals of computer forensics
    Pursuing a career in computer forensics
    Using a hex editor
    File system fundamentals
    Partitioning a data storage device
    Acquiring data
    Ensuring data integrity with hashing
    Indexing and searching
    Generating a report

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